The Bay

The Bay is an executive lifestyle zone in The Skyview comprising shopping, dining, health, sports and relaxation activities. It’s a social hub for interaction open to both The Skyview Clients and visitors. The Bay represents the edge of the work zone and the start of the leisure zone. In an ambience of style and enjoyment, work is more productive and the workplace becomes a place to look forward to.

Urban Offering

urban chic retailers

3 Concept
Restaurants @ the kitchens

16 interactive F&B
@the marketplace


0.2 MN
sft of amenities

international Cafes

Signature kiosks

Convenience Retail

Culinary Artistry

With over 40 plus concepts, including The Kitchens, The Market Place, international accents & patisseries and gourmet stores, The Bay will have a total experiential seating of around 1,800 seats.