Make sure your properties are in the right hands by having a property management service. Find out more about them here at The Sky View. The first reason why you need to hire a property management service is … To Keep Your Money Moving In Your Direction!

See, when you rent your house or apartment to someone, they don’t exactly go around screaming, “Property manager!” Do they? No, of course not. Instead, what they do is pay the rent every month. And, as you know, in America today … “Rent is due on the first.” And so, if the rent is three months overdue, guess what the tenants do? Yup, they simply stop paying the rent. And guess what? If this happens enough times, the owner of the building has to finally get rid of the tenants. It’s just how it works. Don’t believe me? Just ask any landlord. Trust me, I know from personal experience. So anyway, what happens is the tenants stop paying the rent. The owner gets nervous and starts wondering, “Should I start turning people away?” You see, if enough people stop paying the rent, the owner may have to start refusing to let anyone into the building. Soon, the building will be empty and the owner will lose all the money he was going to make because the building is now unoccupied. Oops. 

Second is The People!

You see, when you own rental property, it is your duty and responsibility to maintain the property, collect rents and make sure everything is OK with the tenants. However, that is NOT the duty or responsibility of any property management company you hire. No Sir, they have a much bigger job to do. See, as property management companies go, they specialize in managing other people’s money. In other words, they have an important job to do and they do it very well. Therefore, if you don’t keep an eye on things, (which is impossible) a property management service will do a perfect job for you. On the other hand, if you are looking over their shoulder… well… you may end up doing a better job yourself. You see, if you hire a good property management service, they will tell you when things need to be repaired. If you tell them about a problem, they will fix it. If you notice something wrong with the property, they will correct it. In fact, they will do so much right for you, you won’t even have to think about doing anything.

You know what I am really kind of proud of? It’s this: I truly believe no one in the world has figured out how to make money managing rental properties… except… me!

Third is To Collect The Rent!

Now listen up. If you find a good tenant for one of your rental properties, you won’t have to collect any rent from him or her. And that means … YOU WILL HAVE MORE MONEY WITH WHICH TO PAY FOR THE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES THAT ARE NEEDED TO MAINTAIN YOUR OTHER PROPERTIES!

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