In every business or agency, it’s always important to prioritize the client and their needs. No matter what, the end goal should be to please the client and give them their money’s worth. Aside from making profits, it’s an excellent way to gain positive exposure and potentially reach out to more people. 

Here at Sky View, we want to be accommodating to our customers. We do everything we can to attend to their needs and answer any questions they may have. If you would like to know the basics about us and what we offer, check out the frequently asked questions we receive in our email below: 

What types of properties do you work with?
Sky View works with all sorts of properties. This includes selling vacant land, residential properties, corporate and industrial, plus commercial real estate. We also work with other companies across the country. Having connections is very important to us, and it helps address our clients’ needs even better. 

How do you select your real estate agents?
Hiring excellent employees is very important to us because we want to be represented by the best. This is why we go through a rigorous application process where we screen hundreds of agents at a time. 

They must have several years of experience in the field and have a portfolio of the projects they have worked on. When they are hired, these agents are matched with clients to help them find a potential property. 

How much are your professional fees?
Our fees here at Sky View depend on the services you will be needing. This is why we suggest that our clients book a consultation session so that we can talk about their needs and come up with an estimated number for the fees. 

However, please take note that these can be subjected to change if there are any additional fees that come up during the process. 

How does the property buying process work?
The first and most important phase of our partnership here at Sky View is the consultation process. This is where you and your agent will talk about your needs, budget, finances, paperwork, and many more. 

When everything has been planned, you will move on to looking at potential properties and overseeing offers you may be interested in. After finding the perfect place, we will help you lock down the details. 

How long does the entire process take?
We understand that every case is different. Some could be resolved in a flash while others can take several months to be completed. You can learn more about the estimated time frame of your project once we have an idea of what you’re looking for. 

Buying brand new homes or rented apartments are usually the easiest, while those looking for a business site tend to take a longer time period. 

About Sky View

We have been working with thousands of clients here in India for more than a decade, and our dream is to continue down this road and eventually open a bigger facility. Through our real estate assistance and financial counselling, we hope to become one of the best agencies in the country. If your questions were not answered by our frequently asked questions page, please feel free to reach out. We can redirect you to one of our online help assistants or directly to an agent for assistance. You can also send us a message via email at

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