Real estate is one of the best investments you can have. This will make your life more comfortable as it gives you a permanent place you can officially call your own. This is unlike renting a house that will cost you a lot while still not being yours. 

There are many factors that you need to consider when it comes to buying properties. Some of these include the budget, location, and size of the property. There are people who buy properties that already have a structure on them. Meanwhile, some people prefer buying pieces of land where they can have their dream house built. 

Here at The Sky View, we help you learn more about real estate properties. Aside from knowing what factors to consider, we also want to help you learn more about the different architectural structures usually built. Here are some of the house styles you may want to consider as an inspiration for your dream home. 

Cape Cod

Cape cod style-homes started to exist in the 1600s and were mainly popular in the 1930s. This is usually one or one and a half stories high. This is often characterized by a steep roofline, wood sidings, hardwood floors, and multi-pane windows. Its central door also usually has a window on either side. 

The first cape cod homes come in smaller sizes. Today, the same elements are still incorporated to build bigger houses that have more space and windows on them. 


Mediterranean style is mainly characterized by its low-pitched red tile roof, arches, grillwork, and adobe exteriors. Houses that are built in this style feature some elements from Spanish and Italian villas like porticos and balconies. Their interiors are usually detailed by wooden doors and multicoloured tiles. 


Contemporary style is also popular among houses today. This is often confused with a modern architectural style but it differs in that contemporary is more inclined towards present trends. Today’s contemporary style houses are usually characterized by their use of glass. 

Many houses of this style use eco-friendly materials on their designs that are based on the natural textures they use. Usually, they also use neutral colours. 


This house style is known for being cosy and charming. This is inspired by the houses of European farmers in the Middle Ages, except the newer ones are much bigger and more functional. This house is usually made of stone and is characterised by wood siding. It also has a curved entryway, a lengthy walkway, and vibrant exterior colours. 


Another charming house style you’ll often see is the Craftsman style. This is characterised by its use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and brick. Many of them also have wide front porches and low pitched roofs. Inside them are elements like bookshelves and fireplaces. 

These are just some of the common house styles that The Sky View wants you to consider. By being more familiarized with these, you will be given an inspiration to help you decide on how you’d want your dream house to look like! 

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