Asset management

After developing or acquiring an asset, we take on the responsibility and opportunity to manage and enhance these assets. Decisions are made every day that impact our customers, our communities, and the bottom line. A hands-on approach to managing our assets contributes directly and positively to the success of our business. In our endeavour to provide the best-in-class buildings and services to our occupiers, we have partnered with organizations which are leaders in their respective fields. This ensures we deliver the latest in technology, leading to energy conservation, cost reductions and a higher quality of life for workers and visitors to The Skyview.

Our focus is on enhancing user experiences, for both visitors and residents, and ensuring greater control over the environment in terms of energy consumption. With this in view, custom solutions and special content are being developed that covers varied applications from gaining building access and ordering food to getting directions and being notified about events, retail promotions and restaurant specials.